Jumeirah Area

About Jumeirah

What was historically home to Emirati fishermen, pearl divers and traders, later became the principal area for western expatriates in Dubai. Jumeirah was once the only up-scale residential community area in Dubai, known as the original expat neighbourhood. Throughout the years the area might have gotten overshadowed by the record-breaking monuments in the city, but it still remains a favourite for expats looking for a relaxing, healthy community.

  Ideal for : beach, promenade and laid back ambience

  Not so ideal for : high prices and public transport

  Neighbours : lot of emirati and western families

Lifestyle : Laid back

  Bus and metro station :

  • Noor Bank metro station

Commute times by car :

  • Al Maktoum Airport  >  13 minutes
  • Dubai International Airport  >  19 minutes
  • DIFC  >  10 minutes
  • Dubai Mall  >  13 minutes
  • Downtown Dubai  >  13 minutes
  • Dubai Marina  >  20 minutes